PAMBuoy® in practice

The benefits of using PAMBuoy® include:

  • Risk Reduction  - Real time data transmission
  • Cost saving  - Autonomous and remotely controlled - minimising service and data download visits
  • Time saving  - On-buoy data processing and managment

PAMBuoy® has been designed with the customer in mind. It minimises risk by returning data to you on a daily (or more frequent, if desired) basis, giving confidence that project timelines can be met.

Conventionally, surveys for marine mammals have used visual techniques to search for animals at the water surface. However, sighting efficiency can be severely affected by weather conditions; it rapidly decreases in rough seas, and is curtailed by factors such as fog; it cannot be used during the hours of darkness.

PAMBuoy® requires little attention to maintain. It can be upgraded and adjusted remotely saving you time and money. Putting a boat and people in water is expensive – the whole point of PAMBuoy® is to minimise the cost and maximise the quality of data obtained.